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What Does Admonish Mean In The Bible?

What is the admonition to the learner?

Admonition includes setting high expectations and communicating clearly when the child is falling short. It does not include harshness or anger, but it does include a willingness to deliver difficult messages with clarity (D&C 121:41-44). Admonition is primarily about the child’s choices and actions.

What is a synonym for admonish?

Some common synonyms of admonish are chide, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, and reprove. While all these words mean “to criticize adversely,” admonish suggests earnest or friendly warning and counsel.

How do you use admonish?

Admonish in a Sentence

  1. Because my kids were running around the store, knocking over merchandise, I had to admonish them.
  2. Finally, Drew had to admonish his employees to arrive on time for work, warning them of the consequences if they arrived late tomorrow.

What is the antonym of admonish?

What is the opposite of admonish?

praise applaud
commend compliment
congratulate allow
approve extol
flatter laud
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What does admonish mean?

transitive verb. 1a: to indicate duties or obligations to. b: to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner were admonished for being late. 2: to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to admonished them to be careful …

What is the meaning of admonition in English?

1: gentle or friendly reproof remembered the admonition to keep it simple. 2: counsel or warning against fault or oversight the principal’s admonition against bullying.

Which word is most similar to admonishing?

Synonyms of admonishing

  • admonitory,
  • cautionary,
  • cautioning,
  • exemplary,
  • monitory,
  • premonitory,
  • warning.

What word is like chastise?

Synonyms & Antonyms of chastise

  • baste,
  • bawl out,
  • berate,
  • call down,
  • castigate,
  • chew out,
  • dress down,
  • flay,

What does reproach mean?

1: an expression of rebuke or disapproval. 2: the act or action of reproaching or disapproving was beyond reproach. 3a: a cause or occasion of blame, discredit, or disgrace. b: discredit, disgrace. 4 obsolete: one subjected to censure or scorn.

What does admonish the sinners mean?

If we accept the fact that we are all sinners, and accept the definition of “admonish” to mean to remind, give advice, warn or inspire: what would you want to ask your family to avoid doing to grow closer to God?

What is the best definition for the word admonish in the following lines from the novel?

Admonish is a verb defined as “To warn or punish someone” – in this case, the first option is taken, as it fits better in the context of the lines.

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What does scolded mean?

: to censure usually severely or angrily: rebuke. intransitive verb. 1: to find fault noisily or angrily. 2 obsolete: to quarrel noisily.

What is another word for rescind?


1 nullify; retract, withdraw. 2 countermand, repeal, veto.

What means foreign?

1: situated outside a place or country especially: situated outside one’s own country foreign cities. 2: born in, belonging to, or characteristic of some place or country other than the one under consideration has a large foreign population foreign languages.

What part of speech is admonish?

verb (used with object)

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