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Readers ask: What Does Renee Mean In The Bible?

What is the true meaning of Renee?

Renée (often spelled without the accent in non-French speaking countries) is a French/Latin feminine given name. The name Renée is the French form of the late Roman name Renatus and the meaning is reborn or born again.

Is Rene a biblical name?

A biblical name, it is derived from the element ‘renatus’ which means reborn. The name was also borne by the influential French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650). In addition, René is a variant of the name Reynold (English) in the French language. The name Renée (English and French) is the female form of René.

What does Renée mean in Spanish?

René (born again or reborn in French) is a common first name in French-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and German-speaking countries. It derives from the Latin name Renatus. René is the masculine form of the name (Renée being the feminine form).

What does Gabby mean in the Bible?

Hebrew. Meaning. “able-bodied one of God”; or “messenger of God” Other names.

What is a nickname for Renee?


  • Origin: French. meaning: “reborn”
  • Best Nicknames: Renie, Renita, Renne, Rennie, Renny.
  • Variations and Sound Alikes: Ranae, Ranay, Ranee, Renae, Renay, Renaye, Rene, Reneisha, Renell, Renelle, Renisha, Rhianaye.
  • Renee TV and Movie Quotes. “Alice who?
  • Famous people named Renée or its variations.
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What does Esme mean?

Esmé (more commonly Esme) or Esmée is an English first name, from the past participle of the Old French verb esmer, “to esteem”, thus signifying “esteemed”. Esme is also used as a short form for the Spanish feminine name Esmeralda, meaning ’emerald’.

What is the name Rene short for?

Short form of Irene (Greek) “peace”. Also used as an independent name, mainly since the early 20th century. Also form of Renata. Also form of Renee.

How do you pronounce the male name Rene?

The first ‘e’ in this spelling of rain is accented; pronounced like the last ‘e’ in Renee-/ruh nay/. The ‘i’ being omitted, Rene is a diminutive of Reine.

Pronounce Names.

Pronunciation: R ee N
Gender: Male

Is Renae a French name?

Renae as a girl’s name is a variant of Renata (Latin) and Renee (French), and the meaning of Renae is “reborn”.

Is Renee a saint name?

René: the Patron Saint of Anaesthetists and a Patron Saint of Canada.

What does reborn mean?

: born again: regenerated, revived.

Can Gabby be a boy name?

Gabby as a boy’s name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Gabby is “God’s able-bodied one or hero of God”.

Is Gabrielle a boy name?

Gender Popularity of the NameGabrielleBoy or Girl? Gabrielle: It’s a girl! Since 1880, we have no record of any boys being named Gabrielle while 122,492 girls were named Gabrielle.

Is Gabriel a unisex name?

Spanish: Gabriel (masculine), Gabriela (feminine), Gabo (masculine nickname), Gaby o Gabi (masculine or feminine nickname).

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