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Readers ask: What Does Futile Mean In The Bible?

What does feeling futile mean?

When you can’t see the point in even trying, that’s the feeling of futility, the sense that no matter how much you work at it, nothing good will happen, so you might as well give up.

What is a futile person?

The definition of futile is something that won’t succeed or is unimportant. An example of futile is someone trying to stop a plane that has already left the ground.

What is the similar meaning of futile?

Words related to futile

fruitless, worthless, impractical, ineffective, vain, insufficient, hollow, ineffectual, useless, unsuccessful, unproductive, unprofitable, trivial, abortive, barren, bootless, delusive, empty, exhausted, forlorn.

How do you remember the word futile?

Mnemonic tip for Futile: Futile: PHAT GAYI MISSILE!

Meanings of Futile:

  1. completely useless and ineffective.
  2. not successful.
  3. unimportant.

What does nuisance mean?

: something (as an act, object, or practice) that invades or interferes with another’s rights or interests (as the use or enjoyment of property) by being offensive, annoying, dangerous, obstructive, or unhealthful. — attractive nuisance.

What is futile miracle?

effort that is pointless because it is unproductive or unsuccessful.

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What does zealous mean?

1: filled with or showing a strong and energetic desire to get something done or see something succeed The police were zealous in their pursuit of the criminals. 2: marked by passionate support for a person, cause, or ideal a zealous fan.

What does Endeavor mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1: to attempt (something, such as the fulfillment of an obligation) by exertion of effort endeavors to finish the race. 2 archaic: to strive to achieve or reach.

How do you use the word futile?

  1. It would be futile to protest.
  2. My efforts to go back to sleep proved futile.
  3. The president described these activities as futile.
  4. Their efforts to revive him were futile.
  5. My appeal proved futile.
  6. Trying to please other people is largely a futile activity.

What is the most similar to futile?

The words fruitless and vain are common synonyms of futile. While all three words mean “producing no result,” futile may connote completeness of failure or unwisdom of undertaking.

What word is most like futile?


  • fruitless, vain, pointless.
  • useless, worthless, ineffectual, ineffective, inefficacious, to no effect, of no use, in vain, to no avail, unavailing.
  • unsuccessful, failed, thwarted.
  • unproductive, barren, unprofitable, abortive.
  • impotent, hollow, empty, forlorn, idle, sterile, nugatory, valueless.
  • hopeless, doomed, lost.

What does reluctantly mean?

adverb. without really wanting to; unwillingly: I told her to take a break, just for one moment, and she reluctantly pulled away from her work.

What is the opposite of futile?

Antonyms: useful, utile, productive. Synonyms: senseless, ineffectual, bootless, work-shy, otiose, vain, purposeless, slothful, superfluous, unavailing, sleeveless, indolent, uneffective, faineant, pointless, wasted, unable, lazy, ineffective, fruitless.

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What is the meaning of huddled?

verb (used without object), hud·dled, hud·dling.

to crouch, curl up, or draw oneself together. Football. to get together in a huddle. to confer or consult; meet to discuss, exchange ideas, or make a decision.

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