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Question: Who Is Azariah In The Bible?

What did Azariah do in the Bible?

According to the biblical record, Uzziah’s strength caused him to become proud, which led to his destruction. He attempted to burn incense in the Temple, an act restricted to priests. When the priests attempted to send him from the Temple, the king became angry and was immediately stricken with leprosy.

What does the name Azariah mean in the Bible?

Meaning:helped by God. Azariah as a boy’s name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Azariah is “helped by God”.

Who was Azariah in 2 Chronicles?

Azariah (Hebrew: עֲזַרְיָה‎‎ ‘Ǎzaryāh, “Yah has helped”) was a prophet described in 2 Chronicles 15. The Spirit of God is described as coming upon him (verse 1), and he goes to meet King Asa of Judah to exhort him to carry out a work of reform.

Where is the Prayer of Azariah in the Bible?

The Prayer of Azariah, apocryphal insertion into The Book of Daniel in the Greek (Septuagint) Bible and subsequently included in the Latin (Vulgate) Bible and the Roman Catholic biblical canon. 3:24–68) contains the Prayer of Azariah

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What does Azariah mean in Arabic?

The meaning of Azariah is ‘He that hears the Lord..’ Azariah Origin / Usage is ‘ Biblical Baby Names ‘.

Is Azariah a girl’s name?

The name Azariah is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “helped by God”. Though this is a popular name for men in the Bible, today it’s used with this spelling for nearly equal numbers of girls and boys. The Azaria variation is much more often given to girls.

What does Azaiah mean?

The name Azaiah is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “my strength is Yahweh”. Azaiah was one of the Biblical companions of Daniel.

What does hananiah mean?

Means “YAHWEH is gracious” in Hebrew. This name appears frequently in the Old Testament. It is the Hebrew name of Shadrach.

What does Adriel name mean?

Adriel (Adri-el). The name Adriel is translated from the Hebrew word עַדְרִיאֵל (ad-ree-ale’), which means “my help is God” or “flock of God”.

Why is Uzziah also called Azariah?

Uzziah (/əˈzaɪə/; Hebrew: עֻזִּיָּהוּ‎ ‘Uzzīyāhū, meaning Yah is my strength; Greek: Ὀζίας; Latin: Ozias), also known as Azariah (/ˈæzəˈraɪə/; Hebrew: עֲזַרְיָה‎ ‘Azaryāh; Greek: Αζαρίας; Latin: Azarias), was the tenth king of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, and one of Amaziah’s sons.

Whose name is short for Azariah which means Yahweh has helped?

MeansYAHWEH has helped” in Hebrew, derived from עָזַר (‘azar) meaning “help” and יָה (yah) referring to the Hebrew God. This is the name of many Old Testament characters including of one of the three men the Babylonian king ordered cast into a fiery furnace. His Babylonian name was Abednego.

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What does amariah mean?

Amariah is a Hebrew male name meaning “God has said” or “Promised by God”. Variations can include Amarissa, Amaris, or Amarit. Amariah is different from Amaria, a Greek female name meaning “Moon, Alluring, Pure, Illuminating.” Amariah may refer to: Amariah, biblical characters.

What is in the apocryphal books?

The books in the Apocrypha include histories, short stories, wisdom literature, and additions to canonical books. Among the historical writings are 1 and 2 Maccabees and 1 and 2 Esdras. The two books of Maccabees contain accounts of the Maccabean wars written from different points of view.

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