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Question: What Does The Bible Say About Coincidence?

Does the Bible talk about coincidences?

The word ‘coincidence‘ is used only once in the Bible and that was by Jesus Himself when He was teaching the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Do coincidences happen for a reason?

Many believe that Fate or Mystery, or the Universe or God, causes coincidences. Their faith in something Greater provides them with a cause. Since God causes them, the cause is known. Therefore, there are no coincidences.

Does God control random events?

The Bible clearly teaches that God is in control of random events. The casting of lots mentioned in the Bible is very analogous to our earlier example of flipping a coin. But, it does assure us that this is within the capacity of an omnipotent God.

What is the Hebrew word for coincidence?

The Hebrew word that is most often used, Tseruf Mikrim, translates directly to Co-Incidences, which shows how analogical it is to Coincidence.

Are coincidences signs from God?

“Was that a sign from God, or was it a coincidence?” There are no coincidences. We miss God’s signals without realizing it. We are making something into a ‘God moment’ that was merely made up in our head.

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Is life just a coincidence?

Yes, life and everything that happens in it is most likely a coincidence, governed by certain laws. It’s a coincidence in a sense that none of this had to be the way it is. Life could have just as well not existed. We get to exist and therefore we are the lucky once.

What do coincidences mean spiritually?

Beitman in his research has found that certain personality traits are linked to experiencing more coincidences—people who describe themselves as religious or spiritual, people who are self-referential (or likely to relate information from the external world back to themselves), and people who are high in meaning

What is it called when you believe in signs?

These tricks of the mind – usually referred to as confirmation bias – can make anything seem deliberate. We unconsciously seek information out and then ascribe meaning to it. The real truth about seeing “signs” is that people often only look for them – or think they are seeing them – when they are uncertain.

What is it called when coincidences keep happening?

Psychiatrist Carl Jung had a term for meaningful coincidences: synchronicity. Synchronicity is what happens when seemingly unrelated events coincide in improbable ways that have some sort of significance for you.

Does God control everything?

The Bible teaches that God’s sovereignty is an essential aspect of who he is, that he has supreme authority and absolute power over all things. And yes he is very much active, despite our perplexity. Scripture says, God works “all things according to the counsel of his will” (Ephesians 1:11).

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Can God do anything he wants?

God can do everything he wants to do. God can‘t do a single thing that He doesn’t want to do, because He simply doesn’t want to do it. It is a very good thing that we have an omnipotent deity who sets limits on Himself.

Can anything happen without God’s permission?

Nothing can happen without God’s permission! Therefore, it holds then that everything that happens in heaven or on earth is subject to God’s commands. He is in charge of all things.

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