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Question: What Does Indignation Mean In The Bible?

What does indignation mean?

: anger aroused by something unjust, unworthy, or mean.

What does the word indignant mean in the Bible?

: feeling or showing anger because of something unjust or unworthy: filled with or marked by indignation became indignant at the accusation.

Is righteous indignation a good thing?

Righteous indignation is considered as a positive thing when someone with this type of anger is on the right side. Or when someone feels an adrenaline rush when thinking about a situation that is not morally fair or right. He used his reactive emotion of Anger for the productive purpose and used it wisely.

What causes indignation?

Indignation is a complex and discrete emotion that is triggered by social emotions and social environments. Blame also helps to make up the emotion of indignation. When blameworthy actions take place, the emotion of indignation occurs and negative feelings are projected onto the person who is to blame.

How do you use the word indignation?

Indignation in a Sentence

  1. Full of indignation, the battered wife finally got fed up and left her abusive husband.
  2. After being mistreated by his boss for years, the angry assistant harnessed his indignation and told his employer how resentful he was.
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What is another word for indignation?

Some common synonyms of indignation are anger, fury, ire, rage, and wrath.

Is anger a sin according to the Bible?

Bible References to Anger

Getting angry is a temptation. What we do after that can lead to sin. If God doesn’t want us to vent our anger, we need to see what’s worth getting mad about in the first place, and second, what God wants us to do with those feelings.

Do God get angry?

Yes, God gets angry but he also loves you perfectly. God’s anger is righteous, under control and never petty. Human anger often is filled with pride, hate or other sinful motives. God opposes the wicked and his anger is meant to turn them from evil and towards the forgiveness and freedom found in Jesus.

Is anger a deadly sin?

Anger is only deadly, sinful, or bad when it is unfair, excessive, or self-destructive.” The second view is that anger can and should be eradicated, for it is always destructive and never justified.

What does the Bible say about righteous indignation?

In the Bible

In Richard T. Ritenbaugh’s comments on Proverbs 15:18 in How to Survive Exile, he argues that it “is alright for us to be righteously indignant as long as we do not sin.”

How does a person become righteous?

A human person is not righteous in God’s eyes because of his choice or commitment, his good works or his piety, his emotions or intellect. “Through faith in Christ, therefore, Christ’s righteousness becomes our righteousness and all that he has becomes ours; rather, he himself becomes ours.”

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What does the Bible say about losing your temper?

According to Proverbs, it is wise to be slow with your temper: “Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly” (Proverbs 14:29).

What is self indignation?

Selfindignation(noun) indignation at one’s own character or actions.

What is an example of indignant?

The definition of indignant is feeling or showing anger because of something unjust. An example of indignant is a person who is disgusted by an act of prejudice that she just saw committed.

What is religious indignation?

Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice of another. In some Christian doctrines, righteous anger is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful, e.g., when Jesus drove the money lenders out of the temple (Gospel of Matthew 21).

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