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Often asked: What Country Has A Bible On Its Flag?

What is the motto of Dominican Republic?

The coat of arms incorporates on its central shield the national flag, a Bible, and a cross, together with branches of laurel and palm, the name of the country, and the motto “Dios, patria, libertad” (“God, fatherland, liberty”).

What is on the Dominican Republic flag?

Flag of the Dominican Republic

A small coat of arms featuring a shield supported by a bay laurel branch (left) and a palm frond (right) is at the center of the cross; above the shield, a blue ribbon displays the national motto: Dios, Patria, Libertad (God, Fatherland, Liberty).

What Bible verse is on the Dominican flag?

In the center of the shield, flanked by three spears (two of them holding Dominican banners) on each side, is a Bible with a small cross above it and said to be opened to the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 32, which reads Y la verdad os hará libres (And the truth shall make you free).

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Why is Nepal’s flag different?

“The flag is basically red, with a blue border. Red is Nepal’s national color and it’s said to come from the Rhododendron plant, which grows in the Himalayas. And blue is meant to represent peace. Another is that they represent two families: the Shahs and the Ranas, who used to rule Nepal.

What is the most important holiday in Dominican Republic?

Christmas and Easter are the most important Dominican holidays, and the family unit is considered to be a central characteristic of them all. There are other National Days in the Dominican Republic that are unique to their history.

What is the Dominican Republic national animal?

The national animal of the Dominican Republic is the Palm Chat. The small songbird is found in abundance on the island nation.

Has the Dominican Republic flag changed?

The flag was changed to two blue and two red rectangles with a white cross and national coat of arms in the centre. The colours on the flag have specific meanings. The blue is for liberty, white for salvations and red for the heros of the the Dominican Republic.

Where did the Dominican Republic flag come from?

The flag of the Dominican Republic has its roots in the Haitian Flag of the early 19th century, a horizontal bicolor of blue over red. The leader of the movement for independence from Haiti, Juan Pablo Duarte, founded a secret society, the Trinitarians, on 16 July 1838.

What does Dios Patria Libertad mean?

Motto. Dios, Patria, Libertad. “God, Homeland, Liberty”

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What do the colors on the Belize flag represent?

The red and blue colors of the flag represent unity of the people. The 50 olive leaves that border around the perimeter of the Coat of arms symbolize the year of 1950 when Belize, then British Honduras, began its quest for Independence. The Mahogany Tree represents the country’s economic foundation.

What does the coat of arms of the Dominican Republic mean?

The coat of arms of the Dominican Republic is one of the most significant patriotic symbols for the country, since it represents the Free State, Independence and Sovereign. The current one was designed by the Dominican politician Casimiro Nemesio de Moya in 1913 and is found in the 32nd article of the Constitution.

What is the oldest flag in the world?

The oldest, continuously used national flag is that of Denmark. The current design of a white Scandinavian cross on a red back ground was adopted in 1625 and its square shape in 1748. In Denmark it is known as the ‘Dannebrog‘ or ‘Danish cloth’.

What country has the prettiest flag?

What is the most beautiful flag in the world? After 48 days of voting Mexico has become an obvious winner with striking 901,627 points. Number two was Peru with 340,901 points and number three was Guatemala with 272,541 points.

What country’s flag has an AK 47 on it?

Flag of Mozambique. A horizontal tricolour of green, white-edged black and yellow with the red isosceles triangle based on the hoist-side bearing the yellow five-pointed star that bears an AK-47 assault rifle with the bayonet attached to the barrel crossed by a farming mattock superimposed on an open book.

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